Fund Summary

The Teucrium AiLA Long-Short Base Metals Strategy ETF delivers access to metals focused quantitative strategy that has the potential to achieve positive returns regardless of market direction.

Similar strategies are typically only available at the institutional level for qualified investors.

OAIB seeks to track the total return performance, before fees and expenses, of the AiLA-S022 Index, a sophisticated long-short investment strategy in the metals sector.

Investors seeking exposure to base metals may consider OAIB as a core holding.

About AiLA

AiLA is a leading provider of alternative alpha strategies in the Commodities Sector. AiLA’s Indices offer a systematic approach, utilizing proprietary machine-learning technology with the goal of turning data into alpha (i.e. generating returns in excess of the market).

More Information on the Index https://ailaindices.com/AiLA-S022.php


  • Potential to benefit from up, down, or sideways moving markets
  • Liquid, low-cost, quantitative long-short strategy
  • Transparent index methodology
  • Daily evaluation of market trading signals
  • May be positioned as the core base metals holding in a diversified commodity sleeve
  • ETF traded on the New York Stock Exchange
  • Managed by Teucrium, provider of agricultural futures-based ETFs since 2010
  • 1099 Tax Treatment
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Fund Facts

Ticker OAIB
CUSIP 53656G530
Inception 04/05/2023
Exchange NYSE Arca
Management Fee 1.49%
Acquired Fund Fees 0.15%
Total Net Expenses 1.64%
Options Available No
Distributions Annually
Administrator U.S. Bank Global Fund Services
Distributor Foreside Fund Services, LLC.

Daily Facts as of TBD*

*subject to change

Market Price TBD
Prem / Discount TBD
30-day Median Bid/Ask Spread 0.00%
Shares Outstanding TBD
Total Net Assets TBD

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